Barge To Hell


LINE UP 2012



All artists listed alphabetically.
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Abiotic Artillery   At The Gates   Behemoth   Bonded By Blood
Brujeria Corrosion Of Conformity Dark Sermon Enslaved Exodus
Grave    Hackneyed     Havok     HeadCrusher     Holy Moses     Kampfar
Krisiun    Lock Up    Loudblast    Mayhem    Monstrosity
Moonspell   Morgoth   Municipal Waste   Nachtmystium   Napalm Death
Necronomicon (CAN)    Necronomicon (DEU)    Novembers Doom   Paradise Lost   Possessed
Rotting Christ    Sacred Reich    Sanctuary    Seita    Sepultura
Sodom           Soilwork           Solstafir            Vital Remains           Zanthropya Ex







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