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For Bookings made after September 19, 2012 you may choose from one of these two payment schedules:



A) Pay In Full At Booking (5% Discount)

Reservations that are paid in full at the time of booking will receive a Discount of 5% on the Cruise Fare (The discount does not apply to the Taxes, Fees and Surcharge Portion of the Grand Total Ticket Price).


B) Pay In 2 Easy Monthly Installments

The Guest may choose to pay in 2 easy monthly installments. You deposit 1/2 of the Grand Total Ticket Price at the time of booking and then one additional monthly installment of 1/2 of the Grand Total Ticket Price 1 month from the date of booking.



Bookings made after November 14, 2012 have to be paid in full at the time of booking.


Should your initial payment not meet the minimum payment due at the time of your reservation you will have 48 hours in which to bring your account into good standing or risk cancellation.


Installment payments not received by the dates indicated in your booking confirmation are subject to a late fee of no less than USD 50.00 per overdue passenger. Any payment not received within 10 days after the scheduled date will be charged automatically to the Lead Passenger of the booking. Installment payments not made or collected within 21 days of the due date will risk cancellation of the booking. Cancellation terms will apply. Please see the Terms & Conditions for full details.


All payments for the cruise shall be made in US Dollars only. Ultimate Music Cruises Europe Ltd. STRONGLY RECOMMENDS (but does not require) that each guest purchases Travel Insurance for the cruise.






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